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Mitchell Scholars Forever

As important as the relationship between the US and Ireland, are the relationships between and among Mitchell Scholars.  Many of you were members in a tightly knit class.   Others were intimately involved in your Irish university communities.  Whatever the take-away from your experience, we hope that you will maintain your ties with the program and the people you met during your year on the island of Ireland. 

There are several benefits to staying in touch with the program and your fellow Scholars. 

You may find that you are moving to a new city and want the inside scoop on neighborhoods, local eateries, doctors and dentists, fabulous books stores, terrific entertainment venues, or great dry cleaners.  If you are starting a new business, or wish to explore a field not your own, you may find that other Scholars can offer candid, useful insights.  You may also find that your peers can serve as an “unofficial board of advisors” as you begin a new venture or pursue professional development.  Fundamentally, you will determine the roles you play in each other’s lives. 

Log in first and then use our Mitchell alumni search tool to find your fellow Mitchell Scholars.