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Your Mitchell Scholar Advisor Profile

The Mitchell Scholarship Program strives to make the competition as widely accessible and transparent as possible. To this end, we have created a database of advisors to support candidates through the application process. We appreciate your registering and making yourself available to your students.

How to see if you are listed

You can see if your campus already has a listing by searching under Find a Fellowships Advisor. There should be only one representative listed for each institution. This person is usually appointed by the Provost and has responsibility for managing the nomination processes for other major national scholarships such as the Marshall, Rhodes, Truman or Udall Scholarships.

Editing your profile

If the information that is listed is inaccurate or out-of-date, and you do not have the username to update your institution's information, please email the Scholars program, and we will provide that information. Once you have your login information, you can edit your profile.

Creating a new profile

If there is no profile for your college or university, you can create a new profile

Advisors, potential candidates, and program support

Advisors and faculty are our front-line recruiters.  We rely on you to nurture and support potential candidates.  In order to assist you in these efforts, we are creating a set of resources for your use.