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Building Connections through Events

US-Ireland Alliance events are renowned for their interesting guests, relationship-building opportunities and the promotion of a modern relationship. The annual "Oscar Wilde Awards" attracts Hollywood heavyweights and creative artists and led to J.J. Abrams filming STAR WARS:  THE FORCES AWAKENS in Ireland.  The George J. Mitchell Scholarship program introduces future American leaders to Ireland.

Wicklow, Ireland - 2-4 June, 2017 - Mitchell Scholars' year-end trip

London - 13 June - book signing for Mitchell Scholar Winnie M. Li

Washington, D.C. - 15 July, 2017 - Mitchell Scholars' alumni gathering and class of 2018 orientation

London - 13 September 2017 - annual Alliance/Mitchell Scholars/Morgan Stanley reception

Washington - 17-18 November - Mitchell Scholarship selection weekend

Santa Monica - 1 March 2018 - Oscar Wilde Awards