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Mitchell Scholarship Program News



Class of 2019 Selected

Class of 2018 Arrives in Ireland

Winnie Li Book Reception in London

Pfizer, new Mitchell Scholars sponsor

Class of 2017 visits Northern Ireland


Class of 2018 Mitchell Scholars Selected

Class of 2017 Arrives in Dublin

Class of 2016 Ends Year in the West of Ireland


Class of 2017 Mitchell Scholars Announced

Class of 2016 Mitchell Scholars Arrive in Dublin

London Gathering with Morgan Stanley at Balthazar

Reception at the Irish Consulate in San Francisco

Mitchell Scholars and friends summer bbq in Great Falls

Budget Impasse in Northern Ireland Impact of Mitchell Scholarship program 2016-2017

Where are the Mitchell Scholars Now?

Class of 2015 ends year in Cork and Kinsale

Class of 2015 visits Northern Ireland



Class of 2016 Mitchell Scholars Announced

Entrepreneur Sean O'Sullivan Contributes $300,000 to Mitchell program as class of 2015 arrives

Mitchell Scholars Class of '14 end year with visit to Kennedy Family Homestead and southeast Ireland

Class of 2014 - Next Steps

Mitchell Scholars Class of 2014 visit Belfast 


Former Irish Minister of State, Liz O'Donnell, on Mitchell Scholarship Program Funding

Members of Congress urge Secretary Kerry to fun the Mitchell Scholarship Program

Scholars gather in Dublin and London

2015 Class of twelve selected

The Finalists for the 2015 Class of Mitchell Scholars

Senator Mitchell welcomes class of 2014 to Ireland & Northern Ireland

House Foreign Affairs Committee Supports the Mitchell Scholarship Program

Samantha Power's connection to the Class of 2008 Mitchell Scholars

Class of '13 wraps up year in Mayo