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About the US-Ireland Alliance

The US-Ireland Alliance is a proactive, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to consolidating existing relations between the United States and the island of Ireland and building that relationship for the future. The organization connects current and emerging Irish and American leaders in various spheres—including education, politics, business and the arts—for the mutual benefit of both countries. 

The Alliance was created by Trina Vargo in 1998, in recognition of the fact that the relationship between the United States and Ireland was undergoing a dramatic transformation. Ireland had emerged as a modern, confident and successful European country, and traditional sentimental attachments on the U.S. side were being reinforced by the desire to forge a modern, mutually beneficial relationship. The US-Ireland Alliance was created to take advantage of this extraordinary dynamic.

Based in Washington, D.C., and Dublin, Ireland, the US-Ireland Alliance includes members from both the United States, Ireland, the UK and beyond. It educates the American public about contemporary Ireland and is building on the historic ties to assure a strong and vibrant relationship into the future.

The US-Ireland Alliance ensures that its membership, the public, artists, officials, educators and the business community on both sides of the Atlantic are kept fully informed and educated on issues of mutual interest. Through a series of projects including media, education, cultural and business opportunities, it is engaged in actively developing the potential that already exists.

George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program

As part of its mission, the US and Ireland, the Alliance established the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program, which allows future American leaders to pursue a year of graduate study in Ireland and Northern Ireland. For nearly two decades, the program has allowed these future leaders to experience Ireland firsthand. The program's goal is to provide tomorrow's leaders with an understanding about, an interest in, and an affinity for the island of Ireland.