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Recommendations and Institutional Endorsements

Once you have provided the contact information for your recommenders and your institutional endorser (if required), an email from our automated system will be sent to those recommenders. We strongly recommend that you contact them in advance of this email to discuss your application. You will be able to monitor in the system to see when recommenders have sent in their recommendations, although you will not be able to see the actual recommendations. The automated email is the only notification they will receive from the system so you must have the correct email address when you enter their information.

Recommendation and Institutional Endorsement letters must not exceed 750 words.  Each recommender and institutional endorser will receive the word limit in the instructions e-mailed from our automated system.


In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can change recommenders that have not submitted a recommendation up until your application has been submitted. Once a recommender has submitted a recommendation, you cannot change that person out for a different recommender.

You can also use the “reminder” option in the application to send reminder emails to your recommenders, though it’s best to talk to them as the application deadline approaches as they may no longer be available.

We now ask for your relationship to the recommender so our readers can better understand the point of view from which the recommendation is written.

Institutional Endorsement

Full time and part-time undergraduate students are required to have an institutional endorsement from their college or university. The endorsement deadline is set by the school, not the Mitchell Scholarship Program.  Make sure you know your campus deadline for the institutional endorsement before starting the application process.  Graduate students and non-students may not submit insititutional endorsements. 

Your situation

Who provides Institution Endorsement?

Undergraduate full-time or part time student

Current school

Undergraduate transfer student

Current school

Graduate Student

No institutional endorsement 

Not a student

No institutional endorsement 

Who provides the Institutional Endorsement at my school?

For undergraduates, the Mitchell Scholarship Program will accept institutional endorsements from a university president, dean, or fellowship advisor.

Please use the find an advisor tool to learn if your campus's nominating official has registered. If no one from your university is listed, check with your Provost or Dean of Faculty for the correct person and ask them to register with us. It is often the same person who also manages the nomination processes for other major national programs such as the Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman Scholarships.

A letter of endorsement should describe the on-campus university selection or review process of prospective candidates as well as addressing the characteristics of a candidate. ALL letters of endorsement can be uploaded any time during the applicaiton cycle but must be uploaded to the application before 5:00pm EST on the day the application closes.  No letters will be accepted after the application closes.  This deadline is firm.

Fellowship Advisor Read-Only Access

You can choose (but are not required) to allow your school’s fellowship advisor to have read-only access to your application for advisement purposes. The fellowship advisor will be able to read over your application and make comments directly to you.  The fellowship advisor will not be able to comment on your personal statement, edit or change anything on your application, or submit your application on your behalf.  Although graduate students and former students do not submit an instititutional endorsement, you may still work with a fellowship advisor if that advisor agrees to do so.

You can permit this access at any time until your application has been submitted.