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ShayCarl to present to Chad Hurley at Oscar Wilde


12 February 2014.  Shay Butler, known as ShayCarl, the force behind one of the most beloved families on YouTube, will present YouTube founder Chad Hurley with his award at our "Oscar Wilde:  Honoring the Irish in Film" later this month. Shay got his start on YouTube as a sketch comedian and Vlogger. His videos have been viewed almost 97 million times and Forbes called ShayCarl one of the most successful video entrepreneurs on YouTube. Shay has several other channels for Vlogging, but this channel's scripted videos spotlight Shay in a whole new way. In addition to his own channel, his family makes up the extremely popular YouTube channel, ShayTards. Named after his love for uni-tards, Shay, his wife, and their family create a new video blog every day, allowing viewers to share in the adventures and misadventures of their lives. Shay's friendly, family-oriented demeanor attracts huge numbers with over 700 million views and over 1 million subscribers.