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Supporting Mitchell Scholar Candidates

We encourage applications from students who exhibit extraordinary Scholarship, Leadership, and Commitment to Public Service.  We strive to provide information here that will take the “mystery” out of the application process.  In addition, we encourage advisors and candidates to become familiar with the Scholar profiles, particularly of those in the same field of study as a candidate. 

If you are identified on an application as the fellowship advisor, you will receive log-in credentials for read-only access to that application until it is submitted.    If you wish to submit an institutional endorsement letter, you must be identified as the institutional endorser on the application and have received a different set of log-in credentials for that submission.  The fellowship advisor and the institutional endorser are often, but not always, the same person.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: You must upload the insitutional endorsement letters into our system no later than 5:00pm on the day the application closes.  You can upload institutional endorsement letters at any time during the application cycle, so please do not wait until the last day when no one can help you if contingencies arise.  

Also, when you ask your applicant to submit his or her application to you for institutional review, please make sure that your applicant does not hit that SUBMIT button on the bottom of the application and submit to us by accident.  Once the application is submitted to us, we cannot unsubmit.  The applicant should either 1) list you as a fellowship advisor so you have read-only access directly to the application, or 2) print out his or her application and submit the hard copy to you.

2017 Sample Application

Download a PDF of a sample application now.

Technical Difficulties: Tips on How To Resolve

We want to see applications filed successfully!  Please share these tips with candidates, recommenders, and institutional endorsers.  Also, we strongly recommend that letter writers get their documents in at least a few days before the deadline.  Every year, people are disqualified when letters are not submitted by the deadline.  The reason for this is because effective organization of the application process is part of the selection process.

Uploading files:

The application will only accept PDF uploads.  If an applicant is receiving an error in uploading a transcript, signature or photo, he/she may be using the wrong file type.  Please ensure he/she is uploading a PDF document (and not a graphic .jpeg file). We also recommend uploading transcripts early in the process.  When everyone tries to upload these large files on the last day, the system slows down and some people do not finish before the deadline.  

Pasting in text fields:

There is no special formatting allowed in the long text fields (essays and recommendations). Any centered, bold text or other formatting will be stripped out. This is to ensure that all applicants are evaluated on the same basis.  If typing directly into the field, save often as the web browser will time-out every 20 minutes.

If anyone is having difficulty pasting in a text, we recommend trying a different browser or contacting the IT department at your university. Make sure they are using a laptop or desktop, and not a mobile device. Please make every effort to resolve technical issues on your own before contacting us. 

Read About the Experiences of Mitchell Scholars

Mitchell Scholars blog about their experiences during their year in Ireland.

Meet the Mitchell Scholars

Use our database tool to access bios and information about past Mitchell Scholars by year, institution, Irish university, hometown, etc.

Invite a Mitchell Scholar or US Ireland Alliance staff member to speak at your school. Contact us to arrange a date and topic.

Program News

Stay up-to-date on the latest news about the Mitchell Scholarship Program and Mitchell Scholars.

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