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Seena Perumal (Carrington) -- Healthcare in Massachusetts

By Conor Ryan

seena perumal

Director of Segment Strategy for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Seena is responsible for helping ensure the company is meeting the current and potential future health insurance needs of clients, be they large employers, local municipalities, or individuals.

Seena is a 2003 Mitchell Scholar.  She received an LLM in International Human Rights Law from the National University of Ireland, Galway.  Her thesis research examined legal methodologies open to the international community to motivate pharmaceutical companies to include 'orphan diseases,' diseases in the developing world for which there was a need for drugs but no market, in their research and development plans.  While at NUIG, Seena ran the newly formed Human Rights Society and created an annual human rights conference, which is hosted by a different Irish university each year.  For Seena, her year as a Mitchell Scholar helped root her passion for healthcare in human rights law and made her a more informed advocate for healthcare issues. 

Seena's years of experience in the healthcare industry have highlighted for her the interconnectedness between health and other key areas, such as the critical role of education in improving health.  In the future she hopes to apply her academic work and her professional experience to improving social determinants of health in the United States.